May Newsletter

A message from our Chair – David Durbin
Coaches come and coaches go but we have seen some changes already so early in the season.
Both our neighbour’s the Bulls and Widnes already saying goodbye to theirs and putting out
statements to their fans, which rather smacks of panic at this stage! All teams have made numerous
changes to their squads and as we know it takes time for them to blend in.
Our own Panthers are a good example of this and it shows that sticking with your coach during difficult times
can bring its rewards as it is already showing for us this season. Getting behind your team during difficult times
is the sign of a true supporter and you shouldn’t need a statement from your club asking you to continue with
your support.
Talking of support, thanks to everyone who attended our recent race night which was excellent. A massive
thank you to Stephen Lambert for hosting this for us. I am hoping your support continues for our next event
which is the John Bentley dinner on Friday 18th June at the Shay. The Trust has booked two tables so please
contact Carroll on 07977 596051 to book your place if you wish to sit on one of our allocated tables. It
promises to be another excellent evening compared by Jonny Lawless, with several past players also coming along to support it.

After the success of our town centre market stall on Sat 7 May, we are appealing
for donations of rugby merchandise including rugby shirts, polo tops, t-shirts,
coats, hoodies etc as our stocks are running very low!
If you have any pre-loved items that you would like to go to a new home, please
contact us or bring to one of our stalls on a match day.
Many thanks as always for your support.

Panthers’ Community Update
‘Community Panthers CIC – Let’s talk World cup and keep active!’
It’s been another fantastic month in the community for the Community Panthers CIC!
Schools continue to engage in weekly rugby sessions after school and we have welcomed
back the term of resilience for Old Earth school in Elland! We continue to interact and bring
rugby to around 200 people a week across Calderdale and continue to deliver half term camps to those
new to the sport! This month, Community Panthers CIC are taking on the 5k a day in May challenge to raise
funds for disadvantaged children across West Yorkshire in partnership with the charity cashforkids! To
donate, please visit this link: We are targeting £500 and have currently
raised £190 of our target!
This term we have also began a new roadshow that will allow children to take part in the Rugby League
World Cup Mascot Competition! So far we have engaged with over 220 students who have submitted their
entries to become the creator of the official mascot for this year’s tournament!
Community Panthers CIC are now across Social Media! Follow our accounts below:
Our Women’s Team and Wheelchair Team continue their winning streaks both receiving wins over the
weekend and will look forward to a busy Month of May to continue their form! Matchday activities will be
back for May 15th as we raise awareness for Mental Health week! We will welcome local mental health
workers and charities down to the Shay against Sheffield Eagles to continue the battle towards Mental
Health inside and outside of Rugby League!
Thanks again for reading and we will see you soon!

Jack Duffy
Community Panthers CIC


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