Who are we

Who are we?

We are Fax Trust. A group of people from all walks of life (we’ve even got a couple of southerners who’ve seen the light) united by just one thing – our love and passion for Halifax Rugby League Football Club, or Halifax Panthers, as we’re now called.

If we were a stick of rock we’d have Halifax Panthers written all the way through us. Cut us and we bleed blue and white. We support our team through thick and thin, win or lose, good or bad. We get knocked down, but we get up again. We will never stop supporting our club.

We are an independent voice for everyone who loves and supports our great club. We give our time, our money, and ourselves to help our club. To help our club be the success that we all want it to be.

You’re reading this because you’ve got an interest in Halifax Panthers. It might be casual, it might be that you’re looking for information, it might be that you want to learn more about us. Maybe you’ve been to a game, or perhaps you supported Halifax in the past and want to return.

Whatever the reason, welcome. We hope that we can supply what you’re looking for. On this website you’ll find information on our activities, fundraising and on how you can help and get involved.

Because we only exist for one reason; to help, in whatever way we can, to bring success to our rugby club. So join us.  Our club has a long and glorious past. Together we can help it have a long and glorious future too.

Because we are Fax Trust.

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About Us

We’ve been around for quite a while. We started as the Supporters Club at the old Thrum Hall – now there’s a name that will bring back memories for a lot of people! Speaking of Thrum Hall, here’s a fact which you can amuse your friends with – it was the highest professional rugby league ground in Britain. There now.

Anyway, in 2002 we changed our name to the Halifax RLFC Independent Supporters Limited.  Now we know that’s a bit of a mouthful, so most people call us Fax Trust.

Fax Trust

WARNING – BORING BUT IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH ALERT. Back then, we registered ourselves as an industrial and provident society. ‘So what?’, you might say. Well, that means that we are registered by the FCA, and we are required to provide full financial accounting transparency. That means that every penny which our members raise or contribute is accounted for. And every possible penny goes to our club.

So, over the years we’ve existed solely to raise funds to support Halifax Panthers RLFC, while at the same time maintaining complete independence. Over the years, we’ve raised several hundred thousand pounds. Yes, really. You know those big cardboard cheques that lottery winners get presented with? We’ve given more of those than you’ve had hot dinners. Well, almost.

For many years we supported our Reserve grade team, and at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, many of our current players are here because of our efforts.

So, that’s enough about us. What about you? We’d love you to get involved. Our membership costs are low, and you’ll be doing your bit to bring success to our team. If we’ve whetted your appetite, just click on the Join Us tab

Our sincere thanks to Simon Hall of OMH Rugby Pics and Mike Riley for supplying us with some great photos’