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Our History

Curtis and Connor Davies MEMORIES

Curtis and Connor Davies MEMORIES

Curtis and Connor Davies MEMORIES

We started playing Rugby Union at the age of 7 for a team called  Cwmtwrch till we were 9 years old ,later playing for Ystradgynais and  also for Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera where we both attended secondary school .till we were 17 .

It was there that we were first introduced to Rugby League as our teacher had previously played for Welsh Representatives sides and he was keen for our team to experience what RL had to offer .

We enjoyed our first experience of League which soon led us to find our closest local Community team Neath Port Talbot Steelers and at age 14 we were  based in Aberavon and began playing League in the Summer and Union in the Winter ..When we were 15 we  played for South Wales Scorpion Academy and our school team reached the British Schools RL final  .This led us to playing for Wales v an England Academies at under 16 and South Wales Scorpions at 17 .

We then moved onto Leeds Beckett University  playing in the Student Four Nations and Student World Cup for Wales when we  spoke to  Martin Gonzalez at Halifax .

We played in the Reserves for a year before being given a first team contract we still continued to play in the Reserves and made our First Team debut 2018 .We were then selected to play for Wales in the European Championships making our debuts against France in Carcassonne .We re-signed at Halifax the following year and at the end of the season we both played in the World 9s Comp` in Sydney .We spent another 2 yrs at Halifax our last season was 2021 -22,we are now living in the South of France playing for Villeneuve Leopards who play in the French Championship till the end of the season .

We would like to thank the Trust for all the work that you do which gave   us the opportunity to play with the Reserves at Halifax it was very much appreciated .

James Mills MEMORIES

James Mills MEMORIES

James Mills MEMORIES

I was playing for Cardiff RFC aged 19 and it was difficult getting a decent job while playing rugby, I lost one job because I couldn’t get time off to play a game.
I was approached outside the Cardiff Arms Park while going to play a game by a Halifax scout, he asked would I be interested in playing RL, I replied I might be and carried on into the ground, the following week I had 3 Halifax directors call at my home, Colin Dixon had recommended me, Colin had played in the Cardiff Youth Team with me.
Anyhow I decided to join Halifax, the start of my journey in RL, leaving my home in Wales was the hardest part.

I remember arriving at Halifax Station and there was nobody there to meet me, so I rang Bill Hughes at the club, he’d mixed the day up when I was arriving. he picked me up and took me to my lodgings, I met Mrs Greenwood in Crabtree Street, Opposite the Granby Pub, Mrs Greenwood was a lovely lady, I remember sitting on my bed the first night and there was a roof window and looking up at the sky and feeling very homesick. the next day I went around the corner to the ground and met up with Colin and all the players who welcomed me to the club.

I remember heading for the town centre to have a look at my new town, I walked into the Old Cock, I went to the bar and ordered a pint, after a few minutes I had a tap on my shoulder and this chap asked me was I the new Welsh player to join Halfax, I said yes, it was Les Pearse who was with John Thorley and they told me they had played for Halifax and had come up from Wales, so I had a great chat about their experiences and thoughts on the game and give me great advice. little did I know that Les and John would become life long friends and Les would one day coach our Welsh team in the 1975 World Cup.

It took me a full year to get my chance to play in the first team at Halifax, I felt the coach Albert Fearnley was not happy with the club sighing a forward, he had a good pack, I believe he wanted a back, but in them days the directors signed who they wanted not the coach. Albert very rarely spoke to me, and I spent a lot of time going back and for to Wales. but the players were great and got on great with all the players, especially Colin Dixon, Johnnie Freeman, Hugh Duffy, Terry Fogarty, John Burnett, Allan Kellett, Terry Ramshaw, Ronnie James, Ken Roberts and Jack Scroby and the two A Team coaches Stan Keilty and Ken Dean really gave me great help.
When I eventually got my chance in the first team I soon settled in. I played against Salford at Thrum Hall, I had a good game and scored 2 tries, the following week Salford came in to sign me, I couldn’t forget how Albert Fearnley had treated me and decided to join Salford. I must say the Halifax supporters were great with me and gave me great support and made me feel wanted.

All though I left Halifax after a couple of years I always had a soft spot for my first club, I still look for the Halifax score these days.   I made lifelong friends on and off the field. I’ll never forget the kindness I received from the people of Halifax.

Luke Branigham MEMORIES

Luke Branigham MEMORIES

Luke Branigham MEMORIES

It was the back end of 2009 ( my first year in the UK ) and I was playing at Gateshead Thunder .I loved it there I was very close with all the players ,coaches and supporters .I had a good season personally and had attracted some interest from a number of Clubs .I had problems with my contract being fulfilled in 2009 so on principal I was not going to re-sign at Thunder ( they later went into administration ).

Ian Millward offered me the captaincy at Leigh and a very attractive offer but I was worried about them being relegated at the end of 2009 and I didn`t want to play in the 3 rd division .( they later signed Robbie Paul ) Halifax was always an attractive option being a big Club and Blackie and Shad spoke highly of the place..Also Nashy followed me over from Thunder making it easier for me to commit I had also watched Halifax play the Kangeroos on tv as a kid so I knew it was a mad rugby town .

The fans and the crowds were fantastic and I feel extremely grateful to meet plenty of fantastic people in 2010 .Looking back it was a very talented rugby team ,we were a bit hit and miss at times but we got the job done when it counted ( well done to the coaching staff )

I have plenty of fond memories of wonderful games we played as well as a number of nights out with my teammates as there were some great characters at the club .

I have been lucky enough to get back to Halifax in 2012 to watch a Boxing Day match and also in 2018 to have a night out at the pub with a number of good friends I had made during my time there which I enjoyed .

I know Covid has made life pretty tough over there the last 12-18 months so I wish everyone all the best and   UP THE FAX .


Position – Stand -off

Origin  Australia

Time at FAX  2010

Appearances  – 24

Tries 15

Goals 7

total points 74




The team above was part of my journey with Halifax, following my signing of an official contract after a month on loan from Oldham.

My official debut v Hull KR on Sky sports in 1991.

The night could not have gone any better, 76 – 8 pts win.

What a fantastic night playing with a great set of players in one outstanding atmosphere at Thrum Hall, live on Sky Sports.

Greg Austin scored 5 tries

Mark Preston scored 4 tries

Team scored 14 tries in total, with Greg Pearce kicking 10 goals.

Outstanding team performance.

During my time at Halifax I always felt part of a special bond between players & supporters.

Going into the clubhouse after games was special also.

My 5 seasons at Halifax will always have a special place in my heart & career.

Big thank you to everyone connected with the club at that time, for the great memories.

John Fieldhouse stats

Position  PROP

Played from 1991 – 1996

111 App, 12 Tries and 52 Points




Fax have been lucky to have had many fantastic Australian players over the years, especially during the glory years of the 1980s. One of our 1987 Wembley heroes was barnstorming Aussie prop Keith ‘Cow’ Neller. Now back in Australia, he has very fond memories of his time at Halifax, and the characters he met at the club.

“When you talk about characters and personalities in and around rugby league teams, it isn’t just the players that are part of that. It’s everyone involved. David Brook (club president and main sponsor during the 80s) was an incredible character. He was passionate, driven, and when he believed in something he went at it 100%. Jack Scroby and the Doc (club doctor Steve Thornber) were great characters, and of course the three Stooges! – Stan (Hardy), Cov (Phil Coventry) and Ned (Kelly)! I think those three were such a special part of what was happening at the time.

I remember sitting next to Stan at Warrington. It was only my third or fourth game for Halifax and Stan, as only he could, was effing and blinding about beating them for the first time in 20 years. I can’t remember if he was chuffing on his pipe at the time. Little did we know that he’d get used to winning over the next few years.

Its obvious that your favourite memories revolve around success and good things, so winning the Challenge Cup is right up there. I also have great memories about the people that I shared those times with. We were lucky that we had a very strong group, from Brooky and the board down through Chris (Anderson, player-coach) and Jack to us players and the backroom staff. We all enjoyed each other’s company. Very different personalities among us, but when we came together, be it on the footy field or in the pub, we got along and did our best. We had respect for one another. Without a doubt though my favourite memory of my time in Halifax is of the people of the town and the passion they have for their rugby league team, and the joy they get out of them doing their best. That sea of blue and white at Wembley will stay with me forever.

I went back to Australia and played for the Gold Coast team (now NRL team the Titans). For the last 20 odd years I’ve had a milk distribution business – yes, ‘The Cow’ delivers milk! I had a passion for surfing but I’ve had to give it up – my knees won’t take it – so I’ve donned the lycra and cycle instead.

I’m still in touch with many at the club. I guess that’s the positive thing about Facebook; its so much easier to stay in touch. Here at home I see Wombat (club legend Graham Eadie) and ex Fax players Bob Grogan and Bob Arnold. In the last few years we’ve had Mick and Jane Scott come and stay. Then big Roy Dickinson saw the light on and popped in for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen Roy a few times over the years since; usually he’s been riding his Harley Davidson!

Mark Preston Memories

Joined Halifax from Wigan in June 1991

Joined Halifax from Wigan in June 1991

I have to say this is so difficult as I had some fantastic memories over the years at Halifax ,working with great players, coaches and support staff. I mustn’t forget the support as well, which was incredible both home and away and it made me feel very special indeed

 The memory that sticks out though was actually a second half performance at Headingly on Good Friday 1992, against a star studded Leeds team, which included Bentos, John Gallagher and Ellery Hanley to name a few. From memory we were trailing at Half Time but in the second half we played towards the Fax faithful that filled that end of the ground. We blitzed the second half and couldn’t do anything wrong! There was the infamous Henry Sharp try when he left Ellery Hanley for dead. I scored one from a Leeds kick off after great work from Richard Milner and Greg Austin to put me in, in the corner. Then finally, with about a couple of minutes to go Bentos fielded a kick for Leeds behind his own line, our chase was good, he threw the ball to John Gallagher who missed it and I tapped the loose ball forward and scored, probably my easiest try for Halifax but what a feeling…..beating Leeds, on their own patch, in front of thousands of Halifax fans and on Sky.     

 There are times as a player when mentally you feel like you will not lose a game and I remember that feeling in the second half, I don’t know what it was but when we went in front I knew we would win the game and I think that was replicated throughout the team, as we played with so much confidence. A night to remember, the final memory is getting into the bar looking forward to a celebratory drink, only to find that my driver aka my father in law had had a number of celebratory drinks, so I suddenly became the designated driver for the evening




Flying winger, try scoring machine, dual rugby league and rugby union international, dressing room prankster extraordinaire, successful after dinner speaker, and now Fax Trust ambassador. There’s nothing that Halifax hero John Bentley hasn’t done in the world of rugby.

Here’s his memories of his time at Halifax.

“The first thing I want to say is that the years I spent at Halifax were the happiest I had anywhere as a player, and I enjoyed every minute. I’d played for Leeds, who were a big city club, but I felt that Halifax were much more like a family. They were ambitious too, which is something that appealed to me. I spent several seasons at Halifax under a few coaches, and I always tried to make the dressing room a fun place to be, and if that’s how people remember me then that’s great. I’ve always believed that if the dressing room is smiling it helps you get through adversity and the tough times. I remember once I set off a load of fireworks on the training pitch, and sometimes I used to chase people around in my police car. Good times!

There were some real characters in the team; people like Bondy (Mark Preston), John Schuster, Mike Hagan and our captain Karl Harrison, who I used to tease for being grumpy all the time. I remember when the club signed Paul Bishop I was worried because when I played against him I’d always found him a real niggler, but I have to say he was great to have as a teammate – it’s a real shame he disappeared off the scene.

I find it impossible to pick just one memory from my time at Halifax. I certainly enjoyed my debut, when we beat Leeds, the team I’d just left.

I remember a televised game against Warrington when I beat about five of their players to score a try – I think that match helped me get selected for the GB international squad.

As a player, I was only on the winning side against Wigan twice; once for Leeds and once for Halifax. In that game we were winning 18-2 when I headed a pass from Steve Hampson and got sin binned by Colin Morris, the referee. Our coach at the time was Steve Simms, and he told it was the most stupid thing he’d ever seen someone do on a rugby pitch! Eventually we clung on to win 18-16, and I was the most relieved person in the ground!

I think two of our best performances were in games which people may not remember now. We went to Doncaster and beat them 72-0 – we were awesome that day. Then there was a televised game down in London, where we beat them hollow and I scored a few tries. On long trips the atmosphere on the coach is very different depending on the result of the game, so this was a good journey home!”

Sean Penkywicz Memories

Sean Penkywicz Memories

Sean Penkywicz Memories

Many Fax fans will remember that day in Warrington back in 2010 (is it really so long ago?!) when we won a nail biting epic Championship Final against big rivals Featherstone. One ex player with fond memories of the game is star hooker Sean Penkywicz.

‘Penky’ had a Fax career which spanned 12 years, in two spells at the club, and was known for his scampering runs from dummy half which gave many an opposition defence the jitters. He also racked up almost 100 tries for us – pretty impressive for a hooker, and gained international honours with Wales. Amazingly, he’s still playing over 20 years after his Fax debut – he’s joined up with his old coach Matt Calland at Rochdale for 2021. Here’s what he has to say about his time at the Shay, and THAT game in particular.

‘We felt we’d been unlucky the year before when we lost the Championship final to Barrow, and we were determined to put it right this time around. We were a great team – well coached by Matt Calland, and we liked to throw the ball around. Our attitude was that if they score 30, then we’ll score 40. We had the players to do it; blokes like Shad Royston and Rob Worrincy. There was a good atmosphere at the club – we were all mates off the pitch too, and that was a big plus.

We’d started well – everyone remembers Rob’s length of the field try – but then Featherstone came back at us and half way through the second half we were 22-4 down. Even then we still had the spirit and belief that we could win; we knew we had the flair and skill to do it. We scored three converted tries and took the game to Golden Point extra time. You know the rest – Ben Black popped over the winning drop goal, and we’d done it. Graham Holroyd always says that it should have been him who scored the winning points though!

I had some of my best times at the club; they gave me my first chance as a professional. We were like a big family with some fantastic back room staff like Stan and Hilda, Ned and Cov. Ned still gives me chewing gum whenever I see him now!




It still seems strange to describe points machine Steve Tyrer as an ex player, but after a glittering Fax career lasting for nine seasons he has moved on to pastures new. During his time at the Shay he amassed exactly 2000, putting him a clear second on Fax’s all tie points scoring list. Here are his memories of his Halifax years.

“Every one of my memories of Halifax are positive. I was treated well and looked after from the minute I set foot in the club to the minute I left. Originally I only signed for a season; to be honest I wanted to get back into Super League. As the season went on I felt so much at home, and coupled with the success we had in winning the Northern Rail Cup, I decided to get rid of my agent and signed a contract for another two years. After that I never even spoke to another club until I left.

I worked under three great coaches. They all brought a different culture to the club, but cultures which were right at the time. Karl Harrison talked about the importance of having each other’s backs; Richard Marshall and Simon Grix have built on that by concentrating on hard work and togetherness.

I’ve played with some fantastic characters too. When I arrived Sean Penkywicz and Lee Paterson were around and were setting a great example, and since then we’ve had real leaders like Ben Kaye and Scott Murrell. Muzza was amazing – he could be a right idiot sometimes, but in the whole time I played with him I never once saw him down. The whole dressing room lit up when he walked in, and he looked after every player whether they were making their first appearance or their 200th. The club won’t be the same without him.

I’d say my favourite try was one I scored against Bradford in 2015. It was an interception from the half way line, and we ended up beating them for the first time in ages. My phone was red hot that night with people ringing to congratulate me.

My favourite goal has to be one I scored against Featherstone in the 2012 Northern Rail Cup final. I’d just scored a try in the corner, and we needed the conversion to go seven points up. When it went over I saw all the Featherstone fans streaming out of the ground – a great moment!

My best memory, though, is when we went to Toulouse in 2017 and beat them. We had to win to be in with a chance of making the play offs, and we went into the game as massive underdogs. It was boiling hot, we’d travelled there on the day, plus they were a good side, and they were aiming for the play offs too. We had to defend for most of the game, but then towards the end Ben Johnston went over for the winning try. It was the best feeling ever.”




My time at the might Halifax was one I’ll never forget. I spent 4 whole years there, firstly coming in under martin Gonzalez as a reserve’s player. The reserve system was fantastic, which brought in and developed players who were overlooked or not given the chance, a bit like myself. The reserves provided me with a chance to be in the spot light against other high-profile teams, including the likes of Hull FC, Wakefield, and Warrington reserve sides, as well as granting me the opportunity to impress Richard Marshall the first team coach at the time.

My rise to the first team wasn’t an easy one, both physically and mentally, with myself getting pushed back to the reserves a numerous number of times. Each year I gained a few appearances for the first team but never really did enough to stick in the team. At the back end of 2017 I remember having a chat with Rich and telling him I wanted to leave so I could go play amateur rugby and enjoy it once again, due to lack game time and been fed up with the lack of opportunities. I remember him giving me a week to recalculate my decision, with him telling me anyone could get injured at any time and you could be in. A week later I decided to stay and out of nowhere someone was injured and I was starting in a position I had never played before (Wing), against Warrington on Sky sports. The game was played, I scored 2 tries, got man of the match and the rest was history. The following year in 2018 I played the best year of rugby id ever played for them and the following year was given the chance to play in the super league. Quite mad to think I nearly gave up on the sport as a career, and then 2 years later I was been offered a super league contract.

A lot will be missed at this club. The roaring fans in the south stand who were monumental with their support, the players I played with who were unique in their own right, the coaching staff who developed and made me into the player I am today, and the reserve set up, where I was provided a path into the game of rugby league. Hopefully one day I will be back to add to my collection of great memories.