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Have you ever got excited at the thought of visiting a motorway service station? I know it’s not normal but when your are on your way to your first away game after such a long time due to the Covid lockdown it’s something to get excited about.


It’s not about deciding which venue to visit for lunch it’s hoping to find fellow supporters to finally catch up with and everything that goes with travelling away to support your beloved Panthers as they play Newcastle Thunder. While we recognise that social distancing is still in place it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is another step towards normality.


On arrival at the ground it’s another opportunity to catch up with friends again and join in the pre match banter with all the rugby league supporters of both teams. Guessing who is behind the mask is another game! We are all excited to be able to watch a live game in the flesh. The singing and shouting begins as the match gets under way and it feels so surreal as if it’s a dream.


The dream continues as an excellent away victory makes the journey home that much better with smiles on our faces and the songs in the car, reminding us all why we love this great game and are now being able to travel and support our team. The day ends as it began with another stop at a service station for tea!


Next week we’re are back at the Shay as Featherstone come to town and we hope the smiles can remain in place as we take on one of our fiercest rivals and look to consolidate our place in the league!


David Durbin.Chair Faxtrust.

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