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If someone had say two years ago that the only way to watch live sport was through streaming or tv you would have said they were crazy. Now at the moment it is the only way to do it. This medium however still allows you to experience all the emotions of actually being there especially when you are watching your own team.


This was the case in the Durbin household when the Panthers played London Broncos in our first league game of the new season recently. The cries of “penalty ref” and “get them onside “reverberated around the room. Thankfully the team played extremely well and it was certainly more smiles than moans crossing my face at the time.


Top of the league for a few days, a very welcome sight!


The final result reflected our dominance in the game and hopefully this will continue in our next game against our local rivals the Bradford Bulls. Always an eagerly awaited contest and one which normally would draw one of our largest attendances of the season. This would have been our first away travel too in normal circumstances but of course it’s not to be at present so out comes the laptop again!


We have stayed active in our fundraising all throughout lockdown with the website continuing to generate sales and our auctions on Facebook have been very popular. This is in no small measure because of the involvement of our Trust Ambassador John Bentley, a former Fax favourite. Our recently held raffle was a success and again John was involved in drawing out the winners which was shown on a video on our social media platforms.


A big thank you goes to all of you who have continued to support us through lockdown. Your support as always is very much appreciated. More auctions will follow and we are also planning a summer sale of merchandise which will be advertised soon.


Stay safe and well and we will all be back in our favourite grounds before to long and perhaps we can finally switch off the laptop!


David Durbin .Chair Fax Trust (


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