July Newsletter

A message from our Chair – David Durbin
During a season you will always get some extraordinarily results, none more so than
our win against Barrow. For the second time this year we have seen how our team of
eleven have overcome the odds and produced a quite remarkable win. One for sure
that will live long in the memory. Our win over Dewsbury has further consolidated
our position at the right end of the table especially as the other results have gone
our way and been very helpful.
Thank you to everyone who attended our John Bentley dinner which was hugely successful! A massive
thank you to John of course and to Jonny Lawless who hosted the evening. The night was sponsored
by Steve Craven and we had further support from Ian Utterly, Chris Kershaw, John and Linda Kitson
who all bought the gold table package. With the addition of ex players who attended including Jamie
Bloem, Andy Hobson, Mike Umanga we had a recipe for a very good evening indeed!
Finally, our thanks and best wishes go to Jack Duffy who is returning to Canada after doing an
excellent job for the club in his role as Community Manager. I’m sure whoever replaces him will continue his good work.

July Prize Draw Winner – Member number 82 – Charles Standidge – £20 Club shop voucher

If you have any pre-loved items that you would like to go to a new home,
please contact us or bring to one of our stalls on a match day.
Many thanks as always for your support.

Panthers’ Community Update
Return of the H20 Roadshow and Farewell Jack Duffy!
It’s been another fun, exciting and memorable month for the Community Panthers!
From after school clubs, to active lunchtimes to the return of the H20 Roadshow!
So far within the month we have handed water out to almost 1,000 children through the school
gates as they answer questions on hydration and learn how impactful being hydrated can be for
their day at school! Children received a Halifax Panthers player card from their heroes themselves
and also received a water tracker to ensure they can stay up to date with how many cups they
drink within the month! Adam Tangata, Louis Jouffret, Lachlan Walmsley and James Saltonstall
have all taken part and surprised pupils to a memorable start to their day!
Other activities saw the return of Little Panthers Sports club at the little stars children centre,
Panthers appearances in summer events at the Outback Garden and St Augustine’s refugee
centre and parade appearances at the Elland Parade and the 10k Charity run over at the hospital.
Kind Regards,
Jack Duffy
General Manager – Community Panthers CIC
Message regarding Jack from the club:
Jack Duffy, the current Community Panthers CIC manager will depart from his services with the
club at the end of July due to personal reasons resulting in a move back to Canada where he will
continue to pursue a career in sport development. Jack wanted to give a huge thank you to the
support that the fans and the Supporters Trust have given to community initiatives and wishes you
all the very best for the future. Stay tuned to the club’s website and social media channels for the announcement of his replacement.

Maureen’s Finance
Current Balance – £5647

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