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In the English dictionary the word coach has been defined in many different ways. The essence of coaching is to help a person or team go in the direction they want to go. I have also seen a quote which helps this idea as it say’s “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”.


How galling it must be then to watch your team continue to get it wrong. Watching as a fan it’s very frustrating but for the coach it’s hair pulling out time ,that is if he has any. And of course while it takes several people to put together a team it’s the coach who immediately takes all the flak.


This is the case with my beloved Panthers at the moment after only four games and I would personally call for patience and understanding. A new team takes time to gel and while it is very frustrating to watch there have been some positive signs and good performances from individuals. When all the parts become whole we will be flying and hopefully I won’t have to keep going out for long walks to calm down! We know we are in a tough league and no team has the right to a win, it’s all down to a collective effort and hard work.


We supporters pay our dues and of course are therefore entitled to voice our opinions but when things are difficult surely it’s time to hold our nerve and get behind the coach and the team. We always have this roller coaster ride and for the majority of us we are here for the long haul.


So onwards and upwards to bring down the Rams and clip the Eagles wings before our fierce rivals Fev arrive at the Shay when hopefully we can get behind the team with that must missed vocal support!

David Durbin. Chair Fax Trust.

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