Fantasy Rugby League Competition

Fantasy Rugby League Competition


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Please select your teams and help Halifax Panthers to become the top Championship team on and off the field. The format is similar to last year in that you can choose 17 players from the players’ register.


For ‘Backs’ choose 2 Fullbacks, 3 Wingers, 3 Centres and 3 Half Back positions.   For ‘Forwards’ choose 2 Prop Forwards, 1 Hooker, 2 Second Row And 1 Loose Forward. You can’t have more than 6 players from any one club. Within your selection of 17 players you can choose no more than 3 Goalkickers.


There is also an extra goalkicker you can select. The additional goalkicker only scores points from the goals he kicks, whereas the other goalkickers that are selected within their positions on the entry form achieve points from each try that they score. Points are scored from all league matches as well as any Challenge Cup matches and 1895 Cup matches. End of the season Play Off matches do not count. £10 entry fee. Players in bold are possible goalkickers for their respective clubs.


Prize winnings determined by the number of entries; In previous years we have distributed over £200 as prizes.  Points are awarded as follows: 4 points for a Back’s try, 2 points for goals by chosen goalkickers, 1 point for every drop (field) goal and 6 points for a Forward’s try.  The team which gains the most aggregate points each month will win a monthly prize.  March/April 2021 will be the first month.


If you select any player(s) and they are subsequently transferred to another Championship or Super League team, they will still be included within your points.  Results will be communicated via email.

After you have made your purchase you will be sent an email with a list of the players and a entry form.


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